Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

The  Nursery  complies  with  the  Early  Years  Foundation  Stage  Framework  (EYFS).  This  is  a government  guideline which  practitioners  follow to make  sure  that we are  supporting the  Care Learning and Development of the young children in our care.
Our Cheshire Day Nursery is inspected by OFSTED who check that as a provider we deliver care learning and development that enhances the individual development for the children in our care. We ensure that every child is supported individually to make progress at their own pace whilst equally supporting Children who may need extra support to for fill their full potential. Each child at the nursery is assigned a Key Person, it is their role to  carry  out  observations  to  monitor  the  child’s  area  of  development  and  learning.  
The  staff work alongside parents through the use of our Online service with Capture Education, this allows Key  Person’s  to  upload  their  key  children’s  individual  learning  journal onto  this  service  where parents can securely access their children’s records with their individual unique password. This is a secure system and information can be shared from Nursery and home environment.