Baby Room 0 - 2 yrs

The baby room has an adult child ratio of 3 children per staff with no more than 12 babies at any one time. The room has a separate sleeping area where cots and sleep beds are provided. The room is made cosy and comfortable for providing the children with comfort for sleep or resting periods.  There is a large floor area for art and craft/ meal times, physical play and role play.

Staff will work alongside parents of the younger children to continue with their own routine as best as they can. The children are supported within the three prime areas of learning with staff conducting observations and planning for the child’s individual next steps. All learning journeys are stored online on the Capture Education service which we used, were parents can safely access using a secure unique passcode. 
We offer the very best in baby care.  Our safe and stimulating environment is what makes our Cheshire Day Nursery, the nursery of choice in Cheshire