The children in our care are provided with nutritious home cooked meals that are freshly prepared on the nursery premises by Joanne our Nursery cook. The younger children are provided with the same meals and these will be blended to the correct consistency to help support the weaning stages. 
To start of our day we will be given a variety of choices throughout the week these include:
• Croissants
• Fresh fruit salad and yogurt
• A selection of toast
• Pancakes
Our lunch time meal will consist of a hot dish these include:
• Chicken and Seafood paella
• Sausage rigatoni
• Cottage pie
• Two fish potato bake
• Chilli con carne
• Bacon and leek macaroni cheese
Then to keep us going until the end of the day the children are provided with a light afternoon snack of:
• Cream cheese and cucumber baguettes
• Cheesy beans subs
• Warm pitta bread with humus and vegetable sticks
• Chicken paste sandwiches
• Frankfurters and dips